This workshop will be facilitated by Keeley Taverner

Does guilt get the best of you? Does guilt have you saying yes when you really want to say no? Do you struggle to overcome your strong guilt reaction? If so, join this workshop on Confronting guilt. 

The challenges of the pandemic have resulted in an increased need for carers to care both in their professional and personal world. Guilt is a profound emotion and can feel so intense attempts to change can be stunted. Carers/therapists/clients can often struggle with feelings of guilt and all too easily people can get caught in a cycle of resentment and guilt – resentful that their life is no longer their own, and guilty for feeling like this.

Inspired by Dr Gabor Mate’s video, When the body says no – caring for ourselves while caring for others.  We will take some time to explore the guilt reaction and the importance of befriending this emotion to better understand its hidden meaning. Find out more

There are 20 people coming.

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