Dyslexia: Not Being Seen

With Elizabeth Takyi, Eugene Ellis and Gary Baron

Date: Thursday 22nd July
Time: 6-8.30pm
Online (via Zoom)

This is a Closed Public Event, which means it’s open to everyone of Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean heritage and other People of Colour who are affected by oppression due to the colour of their skin and global white power.

Event Details

An evening workshop in collaboration with “Aspire2inspire Dyslexia” (A2i) highlighting dyslexia awareness within Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean communities.

BAATN has noticed that dyslexia and other forms of neurodiversity appear to be relatively high in counselling and psychotherapy student populations. There is, of course, a need for practical support and solutions, but there is also the emotional legacy of neurodiversity coupled with the expectation of low grades during school years and even an intergenerational working through of trauma where people of colour were readily seen as less intelligent; masking neurodiversity issues. The title “Not being Seen” is both an invitation to explore dyslexia within the context of race and tand the challenge for those with dyslexia of not wanting to be “seen”.

BAATN is excited to be collaborating with A2i to reflect on coping strategies for dyslexia, the positive impact of dyslexia, why diagnosis is essential and success stories. There will also be a space for participants to reflect on their personal experiences and to explore the blocks to accessing dyslexia support.

The workshop will be hosted by Eugene Ellis and Gary Baron with guest speaker Elizabeth Takyi, Founder and CEO of Aspire2inspire Dyslexia” (A2i)

Date: Thurs 22nd July 2021
Time: 6-8.30pm
Online (via Zoom) 
Cost: Individuals £15, BAATN Members £10



Elizabeth Takyi

Elizabeth Takyi

Founder and CEO of A2i Dyslexia (BA Hons, PGCE Post 16 FE)

Diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Irlen Syndrome, Elizabeth set up not for profit organisation, Aspire2inspire Dyslexia CIC, after identifying a gap in services to support adults with Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties, who want to start their own business, return to further education, or improve their employability skills and unlock their full potential.

Aspire2inspire Dyslexia have won numerous awards such The BDA Smart Award as well as Elizabeth being featured in many prestigious publications such as Forbes Magazine, Wimbledon Tennis and Greenwich University Alumni Black Excellence Campaign for supporting Dyslexics in Wandsworth, Lambeth and around the country.

As well as running A2i Dyslexia, Elizabeth is a public and inspirational speaker, where she motivates others with her journey as a Dyslexic and how she has not allowed her Dyslexia to hold her back, as well as giving Disability awareness/training talks, often being approached by highly reputable institutions such as Imperial College London, Roehampton University and Global Law Firm, Allen & Overy to name a few. Elizabeth also holds a BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management/Sociology, PTLLS Level 4 and a PGCE in Education (Lifelong Learning). Elizabeth is also a qualified NVQ Level 3 A1 Assessor.

Gary Baron

Gary Baron

MA, Child Adolescent & Family Therapy Dip in Sandplay Studies PG Dip, Psychosynthesis NLP Diploma, MBACP Advanced EFT Practitioner, UKCP reg, AAMET reg, Reiki Master

Gary Baron is a Psychotherapist/ counsellor, life coach and healer who works with young children, young people, adults, couples, and families. He is also Founder of an organisation called Youth Community Development Consultancy (YCDC), that supports an integrative and holistic process to heal trauma within local communities.

Gary has over fifteen years’ experience facilitating and supervising groups with both young people, therapists, teachers and youth workers. He has also trained therapists, teachers and youth workers to facilitate groups within a transpersonal framework. He is a senior coordinator and mentor, running groups for both trained and trainee therapists for the Black, African, Asian Therapy Network (BAATN), and has done this for the last 5 years.

In 2005, Gary was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and in 2020 with ADHD.

Eugene Ellis

Eugene Ellis

Founder of BAATN, Author, Activist & Psychotherapist

Eugene Ellis is an activist, writer, psychotherapist and public speaker on issues of race, difference and intersectionality. He is also the founder and director of The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network (BAATN), a network of therapists committed, passionate and actively engaged in addressing the psychological needs of Black, African and South Asian people in the UK.

His book, ‘The Race Conversation: An essential guide to creating life-changing dialogue’, explores the intersection of race and trauma, the non-verbal communication of race and how we might navigate oppressive patterns.

Eugene was diagnosed with dyslexia (significant underlying phonological weaknesses relative to verbal reasoning skills) in 2016. 

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