BAATN Complaints Support Network - Initial Workshop

Weds 29th September 2021 6pm

A free workshop led by Dr Phil Cox to explore the possibility of developing a support network around complaints.

BAATN has seen an increasing number of complaints, which have led to inadequate and harmful resolutions, made either towards therapeutic staff and students-of-colour about their conduct or from staff and students-of-colour towards their places of work and study.

Even though training institutions and workplaces might well have clearly laid out complaints procedures, solicitors and union representatives are often unable to pick up on the subtle nature of racial bias and racialised abuses of power, which frequently lay at the heart of a complaint. Also, when complaints are made, there is more than a financial payout at stake for the claimants. Claimants also want to make changes to policy and procedure and for this to be a focus of redress.

BAATN wants to explore the possibility of developing a support network around complaints. The network would support therapists and students of colour going through or thinking about undertaking a complaint as well as those who receive these complaints. It is unclear precisely what this might look like at this moment, but we are keen to start the process of coming together with this in mind.

We are in discussion with Phil Cox, an expert in supporting therapists during complaints procedures who has worked with solicitors, organisations and governing bodies for many years. The major therapy regulators and Courts have accepted his casework. Phil is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with us and putting it to good use in this vital area.

If you are interested in being part of a complaints support network to support those undertaking a complaint, you are invited to attend a taster event on 29th September at 6 pm. 

Going forward, those interested in being part of a complaints support team will be invited into a process of acquiring knowledge of the practical processes and procedures through direct training. There might then be a process of shadowing on cases along with Phil to bring that knowledge to particular circumstances. It is envisioned that as part of the support team, you will be working alongside union representatives and solicitors who have legal access to represent claimants, plus those who have received a complaint in meetings and in writing. Of course, you bring your knowledge and experience in how racial biases play out between individuals and within organisations to the table.

Event Details

Date: Weds 29th September 2021

Time: 6pm BST

Price: Free

Venue: Online (via Zoom)



Dr Phil Cox

Dr Phil Cox

Dr Philip Cox (PsychD) is an HCPC registered Chartered Psychologist, BPS Associate Fellow, BPS Psychotherapy Section Chair and BACP (Snr Accred) member with over 25 years of clinical experience in Primary care, Secondary care and specialist services. Phil’s research publications, conference presentations and workshops focus on unintended harm within psychotherapy and how to support people deemed to have misjudged the delicate balance between good and less helpful practice. As a Psychotherapy & Counselling Union executive committee member, he founded the union’s complaints work and remains part of the voluntary members-supporting-members network. Phi is a passionate advocate for social activism and supporting marginalised groups, which includes therapists who experience difficulties. During his work, Phil has noticed how wider social processes such as institutional racism, white fragility and white privilege are embedded in complaint procedures. This means people of colour are at even greater risk of being involved in a complaint procedure where the process may be weighted against them and may face a harsher outcome than their white colleagues. Phil’s philosophy is that by supporting therapists, we support clients – Phil’s intention is to help develop a more compassionate and influential members-supporting-members network for people of colour.


Dr Philip Cox (D.Psych, CPsychol, EuroPsy, AFBPsS)

HCPC reg, BACP (Snr Accred)

BPsS Psychotherapy Section Chair

BPsS Mentoring Service Steering Group member

BPsS Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS)

Advisor for professional complaints

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