Community Connect

We welcome members of the public who want to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean therapy practitioners and who want to engage proactively and consciously in their psychological lives. Community Connect is about wellbeing, support, connection, inspiration and healing on a personal level. It’s about you as an individual, your relationship with yourself and your relationship to those you live and work with. Community Connect events support us to stay connected to what is important to us in our personal and collective lives.

Community Connect Wellbeing Gatherings – Gatherings for anyone of African, Asian or Caribbean heritage. These gatherings are free to members or at low cost.

Community Connect Wellbeing Events and Workshops that are open to anyone, regardless of background.

All of the events are facilitated by qualified members of BAATN. Facilitators have also signed up to BAATN’s Core Values and Beliefs statement. All events are suitable for those new to these types of events as well as those who have been working on their emotional well being for a while.

Community Connect Membership

Community Connect Wellbeing Events and Workshops

These events and workshops are open to everyone, regardless of background, to learn from each other and heal together.

Community Connect Wellbeing Gatherings

These events are for anyone of African, Asian and Caribbean heritage to support them in staying connected to what is important. They are process spaces in which we can develop our voice, connect with who we are as individuals and stay connected with what is psychologically important to us personally and as a group.

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