Muslim South Asian women’s experience of medication for mental health problems – Ursala Khan

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Research has shown South Asian women to be at risk of developing mental health problems and facing barriers in accessing services. Moreover medication is one of the most widely used and quicker responses in the treatment of mental health problems. This study therefore aims to explore the experience of medication for women of the South Asian community suffering from mental health problems. To firstly explore the impact on them as an individual, in terms of what has or has not been beneficial. Additionally, to explore the impact of medication use within their community and society at large. The aim also is to understand the influence of race on their mental health.

This study was conducted using individual semi-structured interviews with four South Asian Women. Interviews were transcribed and later analysed using Thematic Analysis. Themes that emerged from the research, included medication was unhelpful, poor support from mental health services, community was unsupportive, easier to be white and mental health problems were kept private. It was anticipated through this research there would be a greater understanding in the experience of medication for this group and of wider societal and social implications as well. The hope of this research is that there will be improvement in support provided for ethnic minorities suffering with mental health problems.

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