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Knowledge Base Category: Research

The research articles below speak into the issue of race and culture in the therapeutic process. The articles have a specific focus on the UK experience.

  1.  “What’s in the bag?” Exploring the wounds of Ancestral Baggage as a black-British Mixed-race trainee therapist – Dominique Powell
  2.  A third individuation: Immigration, Identity and the psychoanalytical process – Salman Akhtar
  3.  African Centred Psychology – Cheryl Tawede Grills
  4.  Arriving at a Conclusion on the Likelihood of Attachment Disorder: People of Mixed Race Heritage with Comparisons to Other Groups – Aggrey Burke
  5.  Asian Mental Health: Part 2 – Sources of Stress – Bobby Sura
  6.  Asian Mental Health:Part 3 – Barriers to seeking help for mental health problems – Bobby Sura
  7.  Attachment Issues Between a Caribbean Mother and Daughter – Lennox K Thomas
  8.  Attachment of Black Mixed Parentage Children in a Racialised Society – Beverley Prevatt-Goldstein
  9.  BACP CPCAB Counselling Research Award- To explore and understand how issues of ethnicity and racism were both experienced and addressed in the researchers’ counselling training – Mehboob Dada et al.
  10.  Being The Other: A Creative Exploration Of The Identity Of The Other – Alasdair Gordon-Finlayson et al.
  11.  Black and minority ethnic trainee counsellor’s reflections on their training and implications for practice. BACP Conference 2015: Understanding Professional Practice: the role of research – Mehboob Dada et al.
  12.  Black identity and workplace oppression -Aileen Alleyne
  13.  Black issues in the therapeutic process papers – The concept of Recognition Trauma and emerging from the hurt of racism; Paper 1 – Dr Isha McKenzie-Mavinga
  14.  Black issues in the therapeutic process papers – The concept of Recognition Trauma and emerging from the hurt of racism; Paper 2 – Dr Isha McKenzie-Mavinga
  15.  Black issues in the therapeutic process papers; Cultural Schizophrenia – Dr Isha McKenzie-Mavinga
  16.  Black issues in the therapeutic process papers; Finding a Voice – Dr Isha McKenzie-Mavinga
  17.  Black issues in the therapeutic process papers; The black Western Archetype – Dr Isha McKenzie-Mavinga
  18.  Choosing Identities in a Globalised World: South Asians in Britain – Begum Maitra
  19.  Difficulties In Black Carers Forming Attachments With Black Children – Samantha Bishop
  20.  Dramatherapy With Vulnerable Girls on the Jamaican Shores – Judy Harrison
  21.  Duality To Unity: A Heuristic Exploration Of The Experience Of Being The Other – Dwight Turner
  22.  Ethnicity, Race and Inequality in the UK: State of the Nation – 2020 Study
  23.  Examining Buber’s I: narcissism and the othering of the other – Dwight Turner
  24.  Exploring White Racial Identity And Its Impact On Psychotherapy And Psychotherapy Organisations- Judith Ryde
  25.  Filling the psychic gap: understanding psychosomatic problems in a multicultural clinic- Narendra Keval
  26.  Freud along the Ganges : Psychoanalytical reflections on the culture and people of India – Salman Akhtar
  27.  Identity Formation And The Collective Self within Gypsy Traveller communities -Hilary Dowber
  28.  Impact of Immigration – Knowledge Sheet – Dr Elaine Arnold and Kwame Opoku
  29.  Invisible injuries and silent witnesses: The shadow of racial oppression in workplace contexts – Aileen Alleyne
  30.  Is Counsellor Training Colour Blind? – Dr Isha McKenzie-Mavinga
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