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The articles and video links below speak into the issue of race and culture in the therapeutic process. The articles have a specific focus on the UK experience.

  1.  A Good Enough Migration Experience – Cathy Aymer
  2.  A personal perspective and exploration on how it feels to be a lone black worker – Susan Cousins
  3.  Adapting to difference: the hairdryer theory – Meera Kapadia
  4.  An exploration of three issues raised by Toni Morrison’s novel, Beloved – Bernadette Hawkes
  5.  Between black and white – Yvon Guest
  6.  Body psychotherapy, trauma and the Black woman client – Carmen Joanne Ablack
  7.  Breaking the Circles of Fear – The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health
  8.  Circumstance of birth: Life on the colour line (white privilege) – Lynne Jacobs
  9.  Coming Home To Self-Reflections On Identity In Transracial And Intercultural Adoption And Fostering – Michael Mallows
  10.  Confidentiality in Counselling Asian Clients – Herminder Virdee
  11.  Everything and Nothing: Spiritual intersubjectivity as a counterpoint to transpersonal narcissism
  12.  Exploring the link between Music and Psychotherapy from a Transpersonal Perspective – Dwight Turner
  13.  Forever in My Life: An Afro-Caribbean perspective on intimacy – Dwight Turner
  14.  Identity History And The Therapeutic Process – Isha McKenzie-Mavinga
  15.  Intercultural Relationships in a Divided World
  16.  Intergenerational Transmission Of Attachment And Parenting Styles – Pauline Riley-Hunte
  17.  Jay-Z article ‘The boy from the hood who turned out good’ – Simon Hattenstone
  18.  Legacies Of Loss – The Black Child In Focus – Gerry German
  19.  Let’s say goodbye to respectability, and welcome assertiveness (Part 1) – Beth Collier
  20.  Looking Back, Moving Forward: Reflection on Race and Racism -Abi Canepa-Anson
  21.  Mental health is one of the greatest challenges of our time – Vikram Patel
  22.  Multicultural Counselling: From diversity to universality – C. H. Patterson
  23.  Philosophy, ‘Race’ and Mental Health – V. A. De Maynard
  24.  Politics in the therapy room – Beverley Ellis
  25.  Postcard From Gujarat, India
  26.  Postcard from India
  27.  Psychology in the English: speaking Caribbean – Tony Ward and Frederick Hickling
  28.  Psychotherapy in a Multi-Ethnic Society (with particular reference to Muslim clients) – Qulsoom Inayat
  29.  Racism as Living Brutality – Narendra Keval
  30.  Racist states of mind: an attack on thinking and curiosity – Narendra Keval

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