BAATN Midlands Reading Group

Hosted by Jill Morgan

workshop: 29th February 2020
Venue: Carrs Lane Conference Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham, B4 7SX

This Training is open to Everyone

BAATN Midlands Reading Group

Each quarter BAATN Midlands will hold a Reading Group featuring a book relevant to the themes of race and racism. In the Reading Group we will discuss the background of the authors, the sociopolitical contexts in which the book was written, discuss any points raised in the group and consider the book’s relevance to practice.

In this group we will be discussing the Sunday Times bestseller:  ‘Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire’ by artist, writer and historian Akala. 

Media Reviews:

‘My book of the year. It’s personal, historical, political, and it speaks to where we are now. This is the book I’ve been waiting for – for years.’ – Benjamin Zephaniah 

‘Part biography, part polemic, this powerful, wide-ranging study picks apart the British myth of meritocracy.’ – David Olusoga, The Guardian

‘Akala is at his best destroying the comfortable myths that are invoked by white fragility to downplay attempts to correct the historical record … Akala makes it clear that he is not brimming with optimism. But reading Natives – witnessing the kind of disruptive, aggressive intellect that a new generation is closely watching – I can’t help but be just that.’ – Afua Hirsch, Observer

‘What I love about this book is it’s kind of like a testimony, a story of contemporary London. He is like one of the Baldwins or Hooks of our generation, who walks among us, you know? When he theorises, it’s from a place of knowing rather than some distant place up above… He is very good at remembering and honouring the experiences that have shaped him, and he applies it in a very real way.’ – Madani Younis, The Guardian

Who should attend the workshop 

Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Psychologists, holistic therapists, psychiatrists and individuals involved in the mental health field, caring professions and those concerned about black mental health.

Venue: Carrs Lane Conference Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham, B4 7SX (fully accessible venue)
Date: 29th February 2020
Registration 14:00 Start – End 16:00

Cost: This event is free to Directory, Practitioner and Student members, £10 for Non-members. For Non-members booking reservations without payment will be held for 1 week before being offered to another person.

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