BAATN is coming to the Midlands!

Over the years I have been trying, with varying success, to develop BAATN so that the community of African, Asian and Caribbean therapists in the UK can feel as dynamic in other parts of the country as it does in London. I am happy to say that this is getting closer to a reality and pleased to announce the development of BAATN Midlands and the BAATN Midlands team.

The Midlands team are six individuals who are energised and ready to develop healing and learning spaces for therapists, and others in the helping professions, starting with practitioner gatherings and student gatherings in central Birmingham. Once these gatherings have been established they will then work towards developing trainings, events and forums in the local area.

To launch BAATN Midlands there will be a conference on the 11 November entitled “Anger, Rage And Outrage: Working Creatively with These Dynamics in Our Communities”.  As you might remember this was the theme of the London conference that took place in April 17 and, as you can imagine, there is still much to explore on this theme.

You might want to find out about what else is happening in the Midlands here

You can meet the Midlands team here and you can also make contact with the Midlands lead person, Nadine Wilson, or the Midlands co-lead, Jaspal Kalsi by email:




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