Gifts and Purpose – Abundance and Money Constellations

With Sonya Welch-Moring

8th & 9th June 2019
North London Group Therapy, 9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LA

“We were able to explore and discover family and heritage dynamics in a very open and powerful way. I feel that this workshop has had a deep impact on how I view my role in my family, my work and the communities that I live in.”

In many Indigenous cultures, there is a belief that everyone has gifts and purpose that they come into the world with, for themselves and on behalf of their community. Maybe this explains why so many therapists and those in the helping professionals feel ‘called’ to do their work?

Sometimes we feel blocked from our calling and money becomes a problem and a hurdle to get over. Family relationships and entanglements create another layer of difficulty to circumvent.

During this workshop, we will explore money and abundance and family relationships using a range of constellations methods. You will ‘map-out’ a money and abundance constellation and explore where there may be suppressed or taboo conversations around money in your family or ancestral past.

We will also look at the Indigenous background to the work and the Ancestral Constellations approach in more detail. The workshop will focus on Gifts and Purpose as a route to our ‘calling’ in life. When money does not flow freely, it may be that we need to re-orientate and look anew at what gifts we carry and what purpose they have in the world.

To start to explore this, we can ask…

What is the work that you have come into the world to do?”

How do issues of lack of money and abundance act as an obstacle or barrier?

How do family and ancestral issues impact on our ability to do our work?

Many of us as therapists, counsellors and coaches are independent or self-employed. What is the flow of money like in our lives and what does give-and-take look like between ourselves and our clients? If you are employed, are you earning what you think you deserve and is your salary commensurate with your skills?

We will explore together the historical legacy of the past and how that may impact our thinking about abundance. In some cultures, money is seen as good and in others as problematic.

By looking to the past to see what hasn’t been resolved, we can make changes to the present in order to create a better future for coming generations.

By looking to the past to see what hasn’t been resolved, we can make changes to the present in order to create a better future for coming generations.

What You Will Get from the Workshop

This is a two-day workshop, the first 10 people to sign up for the workshop are guaranteed their own personal constellation. There will also be some work in pairs and triads so that everyone has an opportunity to work with the process and on their own issues.

This day is open to anyone who would benefit from learning more about the systemic constellations method and is interested in the Ancestral Constellations approach. Join me and explore and dive deeper into the meaning and essence of money and abundance.

The days will offer you an opportunity to….

  • dive deep and reflect on your own personal approach to money and abundance
  • explore gifts and purpose and a ‘calling’ to do particular work in the world
  • identify where money issues create disharmony in the family system
  • have an opportunity to personally constellate your own money issue
  • explore what barriers and blocks you
  • have in relation to money creation
    take steps to restore the flow of abundance in your life

Who should attend the training? Psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, holistic therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and individuals involved in the mental health field, caring professions and those concerned about black mental health.

Date: 8 & 9 June 2019 Registration 9:30am for a 10.00am Start – End 5.00pm

What are Ancestral Constellations? 

The Ancestral Constellations approach integrates Western psychology and Indigenous wisdom. This combination of Systemic theory and African family philosophy speaks to people whose cultural background acknowledges ancestral family traditions. Some of its core principles, the acknowledgement of ancestors in the family, a focus on elder relationships, the role of community in family life and ritual healing rites of passes can be applied across many diverse cultures.

Constellations are a dynamic visual mapping process that can help you to look wider and deeper into an issue. It can help you to look back into your ancestral history to explore relationships that may have been unresolved. It can help you explore dynamics in your current community that are unclear and it can help you to explore family patterns that you may be unaware of and are affecting your sense of belonging or cultural identity.

When we look at problems and difficulties in family relationships, we often find untold stories of exclusion and secrets that have been excluded in the ancestral line. In later generations, different family members may feel that they are carrying the weight of these exclusions without a real sense of knowing why. Systemic constellations draw on this Indigenous wisdom to look at the deep roots of family, community and spiritual life. One of the key principles in constellations work is to include the excluded so that family reconciliation can take place. The intention is to reconnect family members and start a healing process to restore the ‘flow of love’ down the generations.

“The workshop gave me a chance to focus on what is truly important, and I now have a better sense of direction.”

Venue: – North London Group Therapy, 9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LA

Earlybird Fee: £160 (Members £140), (Student members £100) (until 2 May 19)

Normal Fee: £175 (Members £160), (Student members £110) (Includes refreshments, course material and attendance certificate. (Lunch not included / Places to eat nearby / bring your own lunch)


Sonya Welch-Moring Sonya has over 25 year experience facilitating groups and has specialised in the systemic constellations method since 2011. She is a Systemic Constellations facilitator, a trained mental health professional and a professional coach. For more information please visit

Sonya – Bio As I was born and grew up in Europe and have travelled extensively in Europe, US Caribbean and Africa I am influenced by the experience of those who have trans-generationally followed the middle passage as slaves from Africa to Caribbean and US and then the modern passage from Caribbean to Europe My contention is that in these shared journeys, we are also sharing a path in the modern world that even though we may wish to deny it we are caught up in it. A collective loss of memory and a collective sharing of guilt, shame and rage resulting from our historical legacy In constellations work in the modern world, therapy is often an adjunct to constellations. This is useful more for some people than others. So whilst I would not deny the importance of therapy in recovery I am interested in the concept of ‘Remembering’ remembering what has been lost our access to indigenous wisdom. The thought process that keeps black people entangled in not-remembering of their history is a complex one. For me it was as though I was sleepwalking through life with difficult and conflicting dreams from which i woke-up when i started to retrace my ancestral history. What would happen and how would thinking about self and identity change how we view the world and our place of belonging in it. If we could remember more about the lost knowledge from the past it could help to guide our recovery and healing.