Training to become a therapist presents significant emotional challenges and given that therapy is predominantly a 'white profession' help is not always at hand to nonwhite trainees. BAATN wants to give students confidence in knowing that they can be part of, what is traditionally a white middle-class profession, and support them with the many ethical, spiritual, personal beliefs and value systems that can be overlooked when one is from a minority.

Student Practitioner Gatherings 

Gatherings for those of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean heritage who are training to become psychotherapists and counsellors. 


Each One Teach One

One to One Mentoring Programme 

Our mentoring programme is called 'Each One Teach One'. The aim is simply to provide practical help and support to Black, African, Asian and Caribbean students who are in counselling or psychotherapy training or are newly qualified, by way of a free mentoring service. A team of therapists run the programme on a voluntary basis. 

The programme is set up to run within the academic year


Black Issues Gatherings

These gatherings will focus on 'black issues' in the context of Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga's book "Black Issues in the therapeutic process"

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