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Minicasts are a combination of audio, photos, video and slides to create a video slide show. These Minicasts can only be accessed on this page.

The BAATN conference in April 2016 was themed 'Crossing the Line' and explored the interplay between belonging in relation to identity and Intersectionality. 

There are all 4 talks available to watch. 

Eugene Ellis - Introduction to the conference

Patmarie Coleman and Paulette Gibson - Challenge and opportunity as Black co-trainers

Poppy Banerjee - Working with Asian women and domestic violence

Kris Black - Intersectionality 


Shadism was the theme of the 2015 BAATN conference. It was a very powerful and enriching event for all those that attended. The conference focused on challenging shadism in our personal and professional lives as well as supporting others to acquire the emotional and practical tools to tackle discrimination and define success for themselves. 

A video montage presentation started the conference which was then the springboard for personal stories and discussion. The Video montage is available to watch. 

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